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A deep dive into SportVot's powerful cloud-based LIVE graphics tool, to make every sport live stream

Live graphics are the x-factor when it comes to engagement for sports fans. We as humans are visually oriented and providing added-on experience to the game, creating conversations around it & informing about players’ performances are a pivotal part for any broadcaster as they want to keep their viewership high and sponsors on board with interactions. Finding a solution that would keep all 3 stakeholders happy, SportVot has launched a unique solution that benefits broadcasters by making their workflow simpler, leaner, and streamlined and giving them an added value to sell to sponsors.

SportVot is an end-to-end streaming solution that has features such as graphics overlay, live scoring, reduces logistics and technical needs drastically. Focusing further on graphics, SportVot has built a unique automated cloud graphics package for professional broadcasters. This is a welcome boon as it reduces their work, saves them time, money and provides them with premium TV graphics with simple integration processes.

One of the key advantages of the graphics package is that it is completely hardware agnostic, and doesn't require developers, designers, graphics operators, or specialized staff to manage it. Essentially, SportVot’s automated live graphics package mitigates the need for 4 designations, makes it cost-effective, and embeds it directly into the broadcast streaming without hassle. An additional benefit is one can effortlessly monetize sponsor queues by inserting banners, video ads to produce premium streams within minutes by using the Sportvot cloud studio, choosing your sport, selecting over 100s of multisport graphics themes, and streaming in an innovative modern broadcasting solution. This also allows for niche brands to be associated with grassroots sports by providing them with a cost-effective solution that should increase relations between brands and organizations inherently helping reach targeted demographics.

SportVot’s innovative automated live cloud graphics is an integrated solution that will provide amazing graphics and enhance the user experience during the stream or broadcast. With little to no customization required and a limited budget, broadcasters can provide experience on par with regular TV broadcasting companies. Further appealing live graphics can be provided to all players and this would benefit the sporting ecosystem right from lower-tier sports to major broadcasting giants.

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