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The first step towards Player Discovery: Equal Media Coverage

Streaming has been around for a while now, and with the gradual improvement of technology and penetration of it, the streaming market has grown. In the last 19 months, with everyone being ushered indoors, there has been an aggressive adoption of IoT devices along with streaming platform proliferation.

Nonetheless, regardless of this massive technology push in the last 19 months, bar some premium sports properties who have had a huge budget, 99% of the lower tiers sports tournaments, leagues, and player profiles haven’t had coverage. There has been a missing link between talented player profiles and them coming forward getting their limelight.

Looking at this, Indian startup SportVot is on a mission to make live streaming cost-effective, feasible, easy to use, and a hassle-free process. Importantly, they focus on providing a platform for those unnoticed profiles, promoting them, and providing a chance for them to showcase their skills. Player development starts with a simple discovery phase and SportVot focuses on getting players their due, those who are working tremendously hard to be noticed. Once the first step is initiated, one can build the funnel that leads these players to become elite athletes representing their higher aims and objectives.

130k+ sports tournaments are officially hosted annually in India but unfortunately, these numbers have remained just numbers, there’s barely been any visibility which directly leads to athletes left undiscovered. SportVot is the plug that connects those athletes who are unseen to be seen. Live streaming, apart from the discovery phase, adds some key benefits such as data tagging, social sharing, community-driven stories, and reaching audiences that weren’t possible. Another important advantage is when one live stream's a game, one is not limited to seatings or a specific number, this leads to the world being your oyster as there are no boundaries or obstacles.

SportVot is building a holistic tool to encompass the whole player development array into its platform. But for now, the convenient & affordable streaming solution it provides is a welcome sight in a market where broadcasting & game capture is expensive, which inadvertently hampers any sort of talent development. Democratizing streaming has to be a leader-first approach rather than a bottom-end goal. This is where the SportVot team is different and holds the key to the heart of player development within grassroots and lower-tier sports.

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Nov 17, 2021

I only discovered Sportvot very recently. I am interested in the live streams that are about to published in the future!

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