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Rural Villages in Assam empowered by SportVot’s technology are building a cohesive volleyball culture.

Brahmaputra Volleyball League

This past November, within the northeast of India in the state of Assam, grassroots volleyball was a driving force for its community and villages. With the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors and following regulations, SportVot’s cost-effective streaming solution was on hand to display volleyball.

The Brahmaputra Volleyball League consisted of over 2000 players coming from 28 districts across 207 teams. With the ambition for India to compete in the Olympics, SportVot and the organizers aligned themselves with this objective.

Grassroots sports promote wellbeing, camaraderie, and communication. It was vital for the talent within these villages to showcase their potential. People from the community have tried innovative solutions to make stands out of bamboo which was beautiful to see. SportVot provides them a platform to initially bring awareness of volleyball and the talent at disposal.

Grassroots sports promote wellbeing, camaraderie, and communication. SportVot’s technology is easy & convenient to use. Therefore, we had the opportunity to teach where members of the community picked up the technology instantly whereas we supported them remotely. Such was the passion for the technology that the members set up bamboo tripods, all on their own making, internet along with the SportVot studio to live stream games! With this, they were able to stream 20 to 40 games weekly without hassle!

Currently, SportVot is the exclusive broadcaster for the league providing them stream, content, and viewership data. We are hoping to continue to grow volleyball in Assam and India.

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