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Unleashing the Potential of Grassroots Sports : Opportunities for Fantasy Sports Platforms in India

Sports have always been a source of entertainment and inspiration for millions of fans worldwide. From gathering around a radio to catch the latest scores to tuning into televised broadcasts, to now engaging into OTT platforms to watch our favorite sport, the way the masses consume sports has evolved dramatically. The rise of the internet and digital media transformed sports into a global phenomenon accessible at our fingertips. While the world was still adapting to the OTT streaming revolution there came another wave of development with the emergence of Fantasy Sports Apps, that transformed the way fans and sports enthusiasts interacted with sports and sports personalities.

According to the latest report by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports in collaboration with the international firm Deloitte, the sports content consumption in India increased by up to 60% with fantasy sports platforms, making a huge impact on the sports ecosystem in the country. The fantasy sports apps have not only increased sports content consumption and engagement but have also attracted a larger viewership base. By providing an immersive experience that allows users to test their knowledge and compete with fellow sports enthusiasts, fantasy sports apps have become a significant player in the sports industry.

The interactive nature of fantasy sports apps has attracted a broader audience to sports. Traditionally, only hardcore sports fans would closely follow matches, but now casual viewers are also participating actively through fantasy sports. The competitive element of these apps appeals to individuals who may not have had a strong interest in sports before. This has led to an organic increase in the demand for sports content, that is not necessarily at the highest level. Today, sports enthusiasts in search of genuine sports entertainment have now started to engage into the local sports events and explore the local talent. The changing trend of local sports events gaining impressive viewership across social media platforms is a result of the peaked interest of viewers in sports. And as a result, it is now opening up the domestic and grassroots sports industry for fantasy sports apps to reach out directly to the masses. The digitization of domestic and grassroots sports has opened up a new market for fantasy sports apps and it is fascinating to witness how fantasy sports apps are capitalizing on this trend and leveraging the growing popularity of local sports.

Over the past 3-4 years, local sports leagues and tournaments have started to gain popularity and built a dependable audience base of its own across sports. And with the developments taking place in the sports-tech industry, the limitations for local sports content are nullifying. The digitization of sports with modern technologies capturing detailed statistics and performance metrics at the grassroots level has significantly increased the availability of data. Sports-tech companies with access to such a vast amount of information can steer them to offering a seamless and data-driven experience to users, further enticing users to participate in local sports fantasy leagues.

Fantasy sports apps collaborating with the emerging local sports broadcasting entities, now have the opportunity to leverage the digital transformation at the grassroots sports ecosystem; expand their platforms to include local sports and cater to the growing demand for immersive experiences in the grassroots sports ecosystem.

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