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Streaming LIVE sports - Making an impact beyond entertainment!

Sports is a global phenomenon and in India itself, every third child engages in sports at the school level and aspires to become a sports personality, so undoubtedly, the pool of talent available is enormous. But local sports entertainment is confined to the geographical boundaries and financial barriers, thus hindering the scope of the local talent.

The only way to showcase and give justice to such a huge pool of talent and generate better opportunities within the sports ecosystem is by going the digital way and breaking the geographical boundaries and monetizing grassroots sports by LIVE streaming local sports.

Streaming LIVE sports action has always been confined to the tournaments at the highest level because of the heavy technology and the financial backing it requires, but it is time to look at sports streaming not as a luxury but as a tool to empower and develop the grassroots sports ecosystem.

So, how can sports streaming actually impact the domestic sports ecosystem?

  • Streaming and digitizing local sports tournaments can help the athletes showcase their talent to a larger audience

  • The sporting authorities can benefit from different ways to popularize and monetize the tournament.

  • Streaming LIVE sports can enable sporting authorities to attract sponsors and advertise to a larger audience.

  • It can also enable them to popularize their tournament and help them create their own sports community and sports brand.

  • It can simplify the talent discovery process for scouts and thus help them pick out and nurture the new generation of sports stars!

Digitizing and streaming grassroots sports can open up exponential opportunities for the sports community, but the crucial part is to adapt a technology that is hassle-free, easy to use, affordable and the one that enhances the streaming experience. SportVot with its cloud studio setup has presented the perfect set of tools required to produce premium quality LIVE sports streams in the most affordable and simple way.

The SportVot cloud studio offers the broadcasters and sports organizers with top-notch features such as TV-grade scoring graphics for 10+ sports, multiple camera angle streaming, LIVE commentary, detail scoring and the most important, the tool to attract maximum sponsors, exciting advertising options that catch the maximum attention!

SportVot with its cloud studio technology empowers the entire sports ecosystem because it aims at revolutionizing the sports ecosystem in India by taking each and every participant of the ecosystem on the path of development! India as a nation can truly achieve its full potential in sports, at the highest level, only if the entire sports community is brought together under one roof and then they in unison create opportunities for each other to develop and grow for the betterment of sports!

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