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Stream IT to Win IT !

The auction for the15th IPL season came in with big surprises. A positive change that we witnessed in the bidding was that all the franchises were keen on including more and more Indian domestic talent in the squad. The rising demand for Indian players in such tournaments is a positive sign for the future of Indian sports.

One such success story is of Ramesh Kumar, a tennis ball cricketer from Punjab who was bought by the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL auction.He is popularly known as ‘Narine Jalabadiya’ . He is a known face in the tennis cricket circuit, and has never played cricket at the professional level. He is famous for his ability to hit long sixes ,something that every player playing in the IPL aspires to have. His record of smashing 50 runs in just 10 balls is a testament to his abilities as a player.

His journey is quite fascinating to study. Taking a close look at his progress, we can see that broadcasting and livestreaming his game online has been a major contributing factor in helping him achieve this feat.He was discovered on Youtube where he had posted a video of him smashing consecutive sixes. Streaming his games on Youtube helped him display his talent to a larger pool of audience. It put his name on the map. His talent got access to the selectors and grabbed their attention.

The advent and emergence of the internet has made it possible for everyone to showcase their talent to the world . However, if they are provided with the correct platform , the athletes can reach their goal a lot faster. SportVot has developed a platform which caters to these exact needs of the next-gen sports stars. SportVot offers a hassle-free streaming solution where grassroots level sports can be streamed in an easy and cost effective manner. It’s aim is to empower the athletes, provide them with the perfect platform where they can kick start their career.

Ramesh Kumar is a living example of how streaming can change the course of your career in a positive way. His journey can be other athlete's pathway and SportVot is more than happy to be their companion in their journey to success!

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