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Spreading the magic of Golf : Exploring newer arenas, sharing the joy of sports

When we think of sports, different sports come to different people’s mind, from cricket, football, basketball to domestic sports like kho-kho, kabaddi, etc. All these sports, personify varied aspects and attitudes. But, if we think of luxury sports, the most prominent name that comes to everyone’s mind is ‘Golf’. It is considered as the sport of the elite class.

This perception of the game has become stronger because of the cost involved in playing as well as organising the game. The obvious cost includes the huge amount of land required to play the sport. A Golf course is spread over a huge piece of land at least upto 6 kilometres. Such a nature of the game restricts it to the elite class.

This has also made it difficult for the organisers to avail the streaming facilities in order to monetize as well as popularize the game. The setup of the game is such that it becomes impossible to stream the game using one camera. It requires a multi-camera setup, with cameras placed at different key locations on the playing field. The setup has to be such that it captures the whole field and does not miss out on any part. Thus, the process of streaming becomes a bit tedious as multiple camera angles need to be mixed and arranged in proper flow in order to produce an accurate stream.

There can be a lot of streaming platforms for sports, but for sports like Golf, if the process is not simplified for the broadcasters it becomes a bigger task. So, SportVot has developed such a cloud studio that is easy and hassle-free to use and is inbuilt with all the features that a professional streamer enjoys at the International level. The best part of the cloud studio is its compatibility with each and every type of camera and software, be it a smartphone or a professional video camera. The compatibility of the studio is fueled efficiently by its easy to use studio setup.

Streaming LIVE sports has opened up avenues and opportunities for innumerable athletes and sporting authorities across the globe and especially in India. So, it is imperative that every sport is included in this process and facilities are developed in a way that every sport and every sporting body is in a position to avail them. And it makes us extremely happy to say that with the SportVot cloud studio we have developed a product that is suitable for all the sports. Our first ever experience of producing an end to end LIVE stream for the Mumbai Golf League has been nothing else but enriching and encouraging. We are gradually becoming a part of the success story of every athlete and not just the athletes but also the sport itself.

All of this has been possible because of the technical advancements that India is embracing and it is about time that we empower our sports with these technologies!

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