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SportVot’s Remote Production set-up : Breaking barriers, creating opportunities

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Technology has brought the world closer to the extent that man couldn’t have even imagined it in the 20th century. Now, with the OTT platforms coming into the picture, viewers are able to watch any match, any sport, from any part of the world easily on their smartphones in their hands. The ease of streaming has made it possible for sports organizers to reach a wider audience and develop the sport.

But, still, there is always room for improvement. With streaming made easy and accessible to everyone, most of the limitations and barriers were broken for the sporting community but still, the broadcasters had to produce and distribute a quality LIVE stream only from the location of the event. This limited the opportunities for sports associations as well as sports broadcasters to stream maximum events from across the world using the best studio features such as scoring graphics, multiple camera angles, etc.

SportVot has developed a cloud studio that allows broadcasters and sporting organizers to create world-class sports streams from across the world. The studio allows broadcasters to produce LIVE streams remotely. The studio manages and controls broadcasts from any part of the world, making streaming a quick, easy, hassle-free and cost-efficient process. The multiple camera angles can be easily mixed via SportVot studio with the help of the multiple links accessible for ease of streaming.

Recently SportVot studio successfully produced a world-class stream for all the matches plate in the AFL Champions League 2022 conducted in Amsterdam. The entire tournament was covered with the help of the remote production facility. The remote production facility made it possible to stream the tournament all the way from Amsterdam without having to recruit a full production set-up on the live event site, thus reducing the cost of streaming. SportVot has always been a technologically progressive company and has believed in enhancing inclusiveness in sports and opportunities available in sports.

SportVot has always taken efforts to break the barriers, be it geographical or social, or economic. The remote production facility is indeed making it possible for everyone to stream their game, and reach out to the audience worldwide from every and any part of the world! The cost-efficient manner in which the entire model is designed is helping us reach new horizons of success while taking everybody with us!

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