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Sports Streaming Made Easy : Think Global, Act Local

In India, sports has been an integral part of everyone’s upbringing. But, only till a certain age. This is because, even today there is a very small section of the society that looks at sports as a profession. Sports is still considered as an extracurricular activity and not as a serious career option with tremendous opportunity. The sole reason behind this mindset is the lack of exposure that the people in general have to the domestic sports circuit and the lack of platforms for athletes to display their talent to the world!

A large section of the society consumes sports entertainment only of the highest level and are unaware of the domestic sports tournaments that are organized across sports around the country. This has happened majorly because these tournaments are not broadcasted on national television as broadcasting and streaming is an extremely expensive process. The traditional ways of capturing and broadcasting sports required big setup and costly devices.

However, with the emergence of smart devices, mobiles, tablets, cameras, the cost of capturing LIVE sports has reduced drastically. And because of the internet the process of streaming and broadcasting sports has also simplified. But, even then the sports community was scattered because of the absence of a platform dedicated only for sports!

SportVot was developed with the aim to solve this issue and bridge the gap between the community and the sports circuit and build a community that encourages, supports and celebrates sports and emerging sports talent across the country. SportVot has developed a cloud studio which has all the exotic features that an International broadcaster enjoys but is also compatible with all the devices and softwares that the broadcasters at the grassroots level are restricted to. The SportVot cloud studio is decked with features such as premium graphics, multiple camera streaming, live commentary and interactive sponsor cue options!

The studio is extremely easy to use, hassle-free and lets the broadcaster’s stream live sports in less than 10 minutes ! The software also generates automated highlights and digital player profiles to track the key moments from the game and the progress of every athlete in every tournament.!

SportVot Cloud Studio and SportVot app is a platform that has answers to every sports related question and strives to bring together a community of sports enthusiasts and help India and Indian gen-next talent achieve their global aspirations!

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