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Sports Marketing - A boon for the Food & Beverages Industry

Sports have always been a major advertising and marketing prospect for brands

and this has risen to a larger extent especially in the 21st century with newer mediums and innovative ways for brands to put forth their product in front of the masses. One industry that has traditionally benefited from advertising in sports marketing and has excessively invested in sports marketing is the Food & Beverages Industry.

Brands across the globe have partnered with key sports teams or sports events to advertise their products. One of the most important reasons behind the growing demand for sports marketing within the F&B industry is the audience it caters to. The perfect target audience for the food and beverages brands are the children and the youth. Now, sports has a large audience base across age groups and genders but the audience groups that sports guarantee are the children and the youth. Majority of the population from below 35 years of age engage into sports content on a regular basis, making sports an extremely lucrative space for F&B brands. Another reason being, food and beverage products associated with sports generate positive feelings, excitement, and a positive self-image among adults and children.

Sports marketing penetration at the grassroots level has increased the scope for brands to directly reach out to the community on ground. With growing grassroots sports movement in India and digitalization of grassroots sports helping the ecosystem with increasing its audience base, the brands have also started considering the sports events below the professional level as a worthy advertising option. As advertising at these events is comparatively cost efficient and helps them communicate and position their products directly within the masses.

SportVot in the past one year associated with popular brands such as Redbull and Muscleblaze for local Kabaddi and Basketball events. SportVot ran an extensive marketing campaign with a combination of on-ground marketing via booth, stalls, banners and giveaways to players and spectators and digital marketing via in-stream ad banners, clickable ads, social media campaigns and much more. Providing a 360 degree marketing program helped them create awareness about their products and connect with their target audience in an effective way.

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