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Making Remote LIVE Sports Production The New Normal

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The pandemic has forced us into accelerating the implementation of technology across all industries. The other aspect is the restrictions on movement which directly led to an increase of media consumption online as individuals had more time on hand and home locked. The Sports industry was no exception with events coming to a halt and there was a disconnect between fans and teams, which led to innovative solutions with the help of technology.

Amidst the pandemic and pre-pandemic, there have been upgrades to broadcast solutions which are unveiling new opportunities for broadcasters & key sports stakeholders. SportVot is one of these companies which has built a unique broadcast suite that integrates multiple steps into one application and therefore provides an easy-to-use streaming solution for the end-user with logging into the cloud suite.

SportVot Live scoring feature

One of SportVot’s key assets is that one can sit at the comfort of their home and remotely produce any game worldwide (AFL). With limitations and government-mandated restrictions, connecting sports to fans isn’t an issue anymore. Right from the capture point until the stream on-screen, the cloud suite takes care of the complete workflow. All of this can be done by just using a tablet/ laptop and monitoring the game without any special on-ground requirements. This leads to a more cost-effective solution for broadcasters as well as tournament organizers.

SportVot’s all-in-one, end-to-end solution package removes extra hardware & software needs for an organization. This simple to use solution allows talents to be discovered globally and assist in performance analysis. Not only is SportVot providing a feed, but it also takes care of the scoring system, fixture management, TV-quality graphics overlay & remote commentary options. Premium content companies spend crores in production, editing, processing, and operational costs. SportVot’s unique cloud-based sports tech solution scales these processes rapidly and allows for rapid deployment of feeds and scoring data.

SportVot broadcast suite

Remote production is one of the key assets for IP-based production. Today’s smartphone users have powerful video technology right in their pockets than any expensive hardware traditionally used for broadcasting. India has a large digital community, with about 640 million internet users & 550 million smartphone users. SportVot’s mobile-friendly and DIY (Do it Yourself) model is likely to fit right into this bracket of users who don’t want to be bothered by too many details but need a convenient streaming solution which they can implement anywhere. Whether one is a broadcaster who is doing the heavy lifting or a state body that needs a big budget to stream, SportVot helps everyone involved in the broadcast & streaming industry by saving time, bringing quality streaming, and low-cost solutions. All of this from your sofa! Get in touch with us to start a free trial.

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