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Rajasthan taking the lead with Basketball : India’s comprehensive move towards sports development.

India as a country has always celebrated the diversity that the people offer, may it be in terms of food, language or culture. Having said that, the one aspect in which it lacked to support and appreciate diversity was sports. With cricket taking the central lead, India always took pride in being called a ‘cricketing nation’. Apart from cricket, there were only a few sports like kabaddi, hockey and football that were able to cement a position in the sports ethos of the country. However, in recent times, ever since it has embraced globalization, sports apart from cricket have started gaining popularity among the masses. One such sport which is still in its early stage of development in India is ‘Basketball’.

The basketball scene in India is growing rapidly since the past few years. A testimony to this was the NBA games that took place in India in 2019 for the first time. Basketball is growing and the best part is it's growing at the grassroots level and is not restricted to urban areas. The increasing number of athletes playing basketball also grabbed sports enthusiasts' attention as they started to throw light on games apart from cricket, kabaddi, football and hockey. Now, with more athletes eager to play the game and a wider audience eager to watch and support the game, the need for a platform to celebrate the sport intensified. And that gave birth to the ‘Rajasthan Basketball League.

A league that started in 2019, is in its 3rd Season now. SportVot has been associated with the league since its inception and has contributed in the progress and development of the league as well as players associated with the league. It is fascinating to witness so many athletes coming out of a single region to showcase their talent. The number of athletes playing in the Rajasthan Basketball League has increased from year to year and currently is 140+. The overwhelming response that the league has enjoyed is nothing but a sign of assurance that India is moving in the right direction to achieve global domination in the field of sports.

SportVot has taken it upon itself to bring such tournaments and such players into light by streaming LIVE matches accessible to everyone around the world. The more matches are streamed, the better exposure our players will get which will eventually help them hone their skill and take on the world when playing at the highest level.

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