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Kabaddi : Modernizing the game with technology and preserving the sports culture.

India is known for its cultural richness and its willingness to preserve and promote its culture in the modern era! And the most traditional sport in India is Kabaddi. Kabaddi has really stood the test of time. With its rising popularity, it is being played at the International level as well. It is one such game that is played in every school, every district of the country, and with tournaments like the PRO Kabaddi League, it is regaining its popularity among the youth. This has led to many smaller tournaments coming up and interestingly, these smaller and comparatively younger tournaments are catching the audience’s attention. This whole scenario is a very positive sign for the grassroots level athletes as these tournaments are giving them newer opportunities and better exposure to show their game.

As the game is evolving, so are its methods of reaching out to the people. Technological advancements have made it possible for every player, every sporting association, big or small to display their game and showcase their skills to the world. The urge to stream LIVE action from the field for every match is intensifying with each passing day and is proving to become the key to creating new opportunities.

SportVot has successfully developed a cloud streaming solution that can make streaming possible for every sporting body. The cost-effectiveness of the product is designed with a view of being able to accommodate and include everyone in the digitizing process.

SportVot isn’t just an OTT platform for sports, but it is a platform for the grassroots level, domestic players to showcase their talent and upstart their careers. While streaming matches on SportVot, it also automatically creates a player profile of all the players playing the match. The technology is built in such a way that it tracks every moment of the athlete and maintains his/her data from every tournament. The platform profile helps the player create his own identity and also analyze his data and track his progress. Recently, SportVot worked as the official streaming partner for the Kalher Pro Kabaddi League and managed to achieve the feat of profiling more than 500 players.

With the newer leagues coming up, the competition amongst the athletes has also intensified. With the assistance of SportVot, the players now only have to worry about their performance on the field. SportVot is keen on changing the face of Indian Sporting Culture. It aims at creating an ecosystem where the athlete is at the center of the development and every athlete has the means to up their game and reach out to a wider audience. It believes that by uplifting the grassroots level athletes only can we truly create champions of the future.

With sports like kabaddi we understand and respect the traditional and cultural importance of sports and so are keen on enhancing its presence in the 21st century with the help of modern technology. The amalgamation of the best of both is going to be the key to glamourizing and popularizing the sport that we as a country take so much pride in. With SportVot, the horizons of opportunities for players as well as sporting authorities are expanding exponentially, thus leading to the holistic development of the sporting community of the country.

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