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India's aspiration in Sports at International level : Role of Grassroots level sports!

There is a saying that one cannot build a great building without a strong foundation. This stands true in every field and sports is no exception. India is a country with a huge population and the majority of its population is below the age of 25. Sports today is one of the most important fields in which India as a nation is striving hard to create a mark in the world. Be it at the Olympics, the commonwealth games, the world cup or any other international tournament. However, we are lacking somewhere to capitalize on the pool of talent available in the country. And that is, in nurturing sports at grassroots level, right from schools and colleges to local clubs and local Government associations. It is here that we find the future champions.

India’s journey towards becoming a sporting powerhouse cannot be complete without paying attention to the state of sports at the grassroots level. By paying attention, we mean, facilitating local authorities with state of the art equipment as well as monetary investments and funding in a structured manner. Athletes in the urban areas still have access to modern facilities and equipment, but it is the talent from the rural area which goes unnoticed due to lack of facilities and lack of opportunities.

The journey of any athlete begins in his/her school or at the primary level. At this level, it is their mere interest in the sport that attracts them into participating. The athlete then progresses to participation in sports at the zonal and district level. It is here that the true potential of the athlete is unleashed and challenged. Currently, it is studied that a lot of athletes stop playing sports after this level and a crucial reason being lack of facilities. If we are successful in providing necessary infrastructure and financial backing at this level, the number of people pursuing professional sports will increase drastically.

An athlete playing at this level has some basic expectations. They expect their efforts to be acknowledged in the form of opportunities as well as rewards and recognition. We need to provide them with opportunities and newer platforms to showcase their talent. And as they display the potentials of an emerging star, Voila! The goal is achieved. India as a nation will have a large pool of nurtured talent ready to take on the world.

This is where SportVot comes into the picture. We have created a platform for these budding athletes, the future sports icons of India. SportVot is a platform for budding athletes to display their talent to the world. It is not just a live sports streaming platform but a platform for athletes to take their game up a notch. It strives to build a sporting platform for everyone associated with sports to embrace new opportunities. SportVot aims at paving a pathway for talent identification and exposure. On SportVot, athletes and sporting authorities not only get an opportunity to display their talent but also have access to the sporting activities happening around them.

SportVot not only takes India a step forward towards the ultimate goal of creating a mark at the International level but also empowers the youth and budding talent and thus contributes in the holistic development of India as a nation.

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