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Health-Driven Brand Partnerships Elevating Sports Communities

Updated: May 28

As the top domestic sports broadcaster in India, Sportvot is pleased to highlight the achievements of our most recent collaboration with Forbidden Foods' innovative, health-conscious snack brand, BRB chips. The Corporate Cricket Tournament, which took place on May 11 and 12, not only included some exciting games but also showed that it was a significant success in encouraging people to eat healthier snacks.

Why BRB Chips?

BRB chips are more than just a delicious snack; they represent a conscious choice for a healthier lifestyle. Unlike traditional fried or baked chips, BRB offers a delicious and crunchy air-popped option that is significantly lower in fat and calories. With a variety of potato, rice, and popcorn flavours, BRB caters to every taste bud, making them the perfect guilt-free companion for cricket enthusiasts of all ages. While BRB is a North Indian brand, its partnership with Sportvot provided a national platform for showcasing its healthy snacks. The live-streamed Corporate Cricket Tournament, reaching a wide audience across India, placed BRB in front of a massive potential customer base.        Furthermore, the social media engagement generated during the tournament highlights the brand's growing popularity.

A unique feature that helped BRB Chips stand out was their focus on engaging the families of the players, capturing the attention of Gen Z and Millennials both at the tournament and at home watching the live stream. By differentiating its offerings from the competition, BRB positioned itself as the preferred munching choice for the youth over traditional fried chips.

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