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Grassroots Sports Development: How can technology play an important role?

Grassroot football is one of the key drivers towards elite talent across all sports. Many of the big names globally initiated their craft at a very early stage, developed and became world beaters. What if we could have more talent discovery? What if someone close to you is an unknown gem? What if he/she doesn’t have the access to tools or budget to get the deserving exposure that is critical to his/her success? To find solutions to these questions, SportVot created a cloud suite solution which provides more than just streaming.

Around 99% of the grassroots sports goes unnoticed. Either there isn’t emphasis on recording them or there has been no concrete solutions to resolve the issue. Sometimes the difference between being an elite athlete & an upcoming athlete comes down to details such as exposure and that’s one of the areas that SportVot is working on. Keeping this in mind, SportVot’s principle mission has been to provide equal access to all potential athletes. Whether it be cricket or badminton, in India or abroad, SportVot will provide solutions to overcome this gap and pave a pathway for talent identification, exposure and possibly talent development in the future. In the world of broadcast, there has been an observation that the equipment needed is cumbersome and expensive. In order to combat this SportVot has built a cloud suite which produces similar quality content to what the major broadcasters do but with simplicity and a certain control measure for the one managing it. The importance of technology cannot be downplayed as this adds value to not only sports streaming but the grassroots ecosystem overall.

Instead of carrying a large camera or broadcasting equipment, SportVot’s streaming software is a one click process with the use of mobile phones. This makes it easier for stakeholders to set up and stream a game. With in-built scoring and graphics options, one has everything at the tip of their fingers. The global smartphone penetration stands at 78.05% and will increase further as accessibility to technology increases and cheaper technology drives demand. With internet pricing lowered, increasing accessibility, SportVot is well equipped to meet the migrating online attention and provide cost effective streaming solutions for key sports stakeholders. We look forward to connecting with you and providing the right streaming solution which not only is cost effective one, but also helps in building a cohesive grassroot talent hub which provides exposure, talent identification and athlete branding.

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