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Empowering grassroots sports : Creating opportunities for the next-gen sports talent

India, in the 21st century is progressing towards transformation and global dominance in every aspect and every industry. Sports is one such industry which often gets overshadowed among others as far its role in building a nation, but gradually this is changing. The importance of empowering the sports ecosystem within a country has risen.

An empowered sports ecosystem can lead to more and more people getting involved in sports at the professional level and thus more and more options to choose from to represent the country at the highest level. However, to build a strong structure, it is imperative to have a strong foundation. In terms of Indian sports, this foundation is the local level clubs and sports teams that carry out domestic talent discovery and scouting programs. But unfortunately, the facilities here are scarce and a lot of young talented individuals remain deprived of the mentorship or training that can help them progress.

In India, talent has never been an issue. With immense talent waiting to explode onto the scene, today people have started to feel the need for facilities that can take the aspirations of these young next-gen athletes forward. There has been a rising need for organizations that can equip them and nurture them with the skills that can lead them to making it big at the International level. Nurturing them does not only mean providing a standard coaching program and giving an opportunity to play at certain tournaments once in a while. But, constructing a holistic development plan that looks after all the aspects of the game, adapt to the advanced technology to understand and analyze a players skill sets and then shape his/her game in a way that brings out the best from the player. Organisations of this scale and this vision are far in a few, leading India to miss out on its clinical resource, the potential champions of the future.

The situation however is changing gradually. SportVot to address this issue and develop and nurture grassroots talent announced its football club. The ‘DS3 Sports Club’ is set to unearth the local talent from the nooks and corners of the suburbs of Mumbai and train them with the help of SportVot’s technology. The DS3 sports club being registered under the Mumbai Football Association is also set to provide players with opportunities to play against the best teams in Mumbai. With this SportVot aims at bringing more and more sporting talent into the professional setup and give access to the grassroots players to facilities that help them develop their skills. The DS3 football club today has successfully scouted talent from different parts of Mumbai and is set to enter the domestic football season in the month of March. This is a start to a new journey that is set to transform the life of the next-gen athletes.

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