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Easy Sports Video & Data capture technology - A driving force in sports Development

The sports industry across the world and especially in India has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years with the pandemic hitting the world and bringing everything to a standstill to major international tournaments driving massive fan engagement and much of the young sports talent coming into the main scheme of things. However, without batting an eyelid, the most trending topic in sports over the past few years , even pre-pandemic, has been the involvement of technology. It is safe to say that the sports industry has witnessed an uprising of sorts as far as implementing advanced technology in day-to-day functioning is concerned.

Now, the role of technology at the highest level of the game has been quite prominent for almost a decade now, but its significance and demand has increased prominently at the grassroots level. The sports community at the grassroots level have started to feel the need to showcase their talent to the world. The access of internet and OTT platforms has made the community at the local level realize how much can be achieved by displaying your skills to the world. Today, every player wants his match to be seen by people, he wants to be recognized, to be appreciated and to be given opportunities in the future. However, it is important to understand that until a few years ago, the aspirations didn;t have any way to become reality as the cost behind applying technology was very high and it included the availability of tech heavy devices. Even to produce a primary LIVE sports stream to the world, one required a video camera and to do it similar to the professional level, the cost would hit the roofs for most of the sports bodies. Now, that is when SportVot came into the picture.

Understanding the need for affordable sports tech that can help local sports bodies to take their tournaments and bring their athletes to the world, SportVot developed a cloud studio technology. The SportVot Cloud Studio allows sports broadcasters to stream LIVE sports simply using their mobile phones. SportVot Cloud Studio’s easy to use and affordable technology has led to 1600+ matches being streamed via mobile phones. The accessibility of premium broadcasting tools for mobile broadcasting is something that has really hit home with the community. SportVot offers premium features such as decision review system (DRS), multiple camera angle setup, remote live commentary, etc, in addition to TV quality sports graphics, detail scoring for multi-sports and all this via streaming from a mobile phone.

SportVot Cloud Studio’s technology has democratized sports broadcasting for the community and this has given a voice to the immense pool of talented players that play at the grassroots level. This ease of streaming LIVE sports is going to be the first step towards empowering India to become a global sports power!

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