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Ease of Sports Broadcasting-Empowering the Sports Ecosystem

The thought of live broadcasting one’s tournament until recently, sounded expensive and tedious. However, in the recent few years, there has been a shift because of the easy access to mobile phones and the advent of OTT platforms. Technological advancements have reduced the cost, and increased the bandwidth, promoting a win-win situation for the viewers and the broadcasters.

The biggest perception amongst the minds of the general public or even the broadcasters was that there majorly two prerequisites for broadcasting live sports, an exorbitant budget and access to heavy equipment such as OB vans, high-end video cameras and much more. But technology has really simplified sports broadcasting, making it economical to the point that one can broadcast live sports from any part of the world using just a regular smartphone that has an internet connection. This has given courage to people from probably the least developed parts of the world to aspire to enter the global market and bring their local, grassroots sports talent to the world and get recognition for themselves. The key to the revolution though, has been the accessibility to premium services that help broadcasters, organisers from around the world produce professional quality sports content Live that can drive the attention of the viewers.

SportVot with its cloud studio technology has been working extensively within the sports community to understand the nature of sports broadcasting at the tier -2 and tier-3 cities in India and develop a studio platform that end-to-end caters to their needs , keeping in mind their limitations. The very nature of it being a cloud studio ensures that it is accessible from any part of the world and not just India. The studio is decked up with exclusive features that not only let the broadcasters or sports organizers produce live sports streams but in a way incentivizes with add on benefits that can help them in the management as well as monetization of their games , in a way building a profitable ecosystem at the grassroots.

The cloud studio features such as TV grade scoring graphics and multiple camera angle streaming along with the facility to add live commentary really enhance the quality of the stream and attract more viewers. The multiple advertising and sponsor cue options help the sports organizers get more brands to invest in their local tournament, which ultimately helps the sport and the sports community to flourish. But, apart from the organizers, the broadcasters and the fans, it helps the athletes to get recognition for their talent and a pathway to create opportunities for themselves at the higher level. And all of this is done using a simple smartphone with an internet connection. More than 16,000 games streamed via the SportVot Cloud Studio have been via a smartphone and more than 100k athletes have featured in these games. SportVot Cloud Studio, catering to the need of streaming live sports, is gradually transforming the sports ecosystem in a way that can help India shine at the international level.

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