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Digitizing Sports : The Pandemic Effect

We have all witnessed the world come to a standstill and then eventually transformed completely into a new one in the past two years. The pandemic has transformed every society, every industry and every country! While some industries have flourished because of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, most of the industries have suffered huge losses. One such industry is the sports industry.

When we say sports industry, it is interesting to know that what comes into everyone’s mind is sports at the highest level, the International or the Olympic level. But it is necessary to realize that sports is an ecosystem. The journey of every athlete starts at the grassroots level. The athletes playing at this level most often than not don’t get access to advanced facilities to improve their game or even a proper platform to display their skills. And the situation worsened because of the pandemic! With lesser tournaments being organized and restrictions on the number of people attending to watch a LIVE match, the opportunities for the players at the grassroots level were seen to be decreasing. While other entertainment based industries opted to stream their content on OTT platforms, sports and especially sports at the grassroot level was found searching for better alternatives and that’s exactly where SportVot comes into the picture!

SportVot is a multi-sport OTT platform but it is not just a streaming platform but a hub for all things sports! It is a platform for athletes, sporting organizations and sports enthusiasts to display their skills, reach out to the world and follow and support the domestic sports circle across India. Now, with more people adopting our lightweight streaming solution, SportVot has successfully streamed more than 15,000 games so far out of which 8,000 were streamed during the pandemic. We have also profiled 75k + athletes on SportVot , thus putting them on the globe!

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of digitizing sports and embracing technology for the betterment of the game! SportVot focuses on bringing the grassroot talent under the limelight and by doing so changing the sports ecosystem in India . With SportVot cloud studio, broadcasters and sports organizers can not only stream LIVE matches but also get access to player data and player analysis thus helping them as well the players maintain a record of their progress.

SportVot studio is decked up with so many amazing features such as premium graphics, multiple camera angles streaming, remote commentary, replay option, etc. that can help the organisers glamourize the game and reach out to the global audience in a more appealing manner! At the heart of it all, we at SportVot only aim to develop a platform where no talent is left unseen and every athlete and every sport is celebrated!

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