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Data-driven Approach - Future of Sports in India

The nature of sports has transformed over the last decade in various areas. Technological advancements have played a pivotal role in developing a need for accurate data-driven information for teams and athletes to improve their game. Sports organizations and sports authorities at the highest level have always had leverage over the organizations at the grassroots because of the access to technology.

- Why has ‘DATA’ been given importance in sports?

The sole reason behind this shift in mentality and this growing affinity towards data analysis is that it provides an extra layer of information about a team or an athlete. Tracking data widens the scope to analyze player performance with in-depth information about all the other factors that have an impact on the game. Because of inconsistency in maintaining information about their performances across tournaments, grassroots level athletes frequently fail to read their games and analyze their performances in a constructive manner in order to improve their game. The sports authorities and the athletes at this level have started realizing the need to keep track of every match, every team, and every athlete. And this can be achieved only by digitizing the process. Thus, capturing a LIVE match and enabling detailed scoring during the match.

- How detailed digital scoring can help athletes improve their game?

Detailed Digital scoring of a match will not only help the organizations maintain a record of their tournaments, but it will also give the athletes an opportunity to understand their game, know their strengths and realize their weaknesses. SportVot realized this need and developed a software that allows one to stream LIVE sports and register detailed scores. The app automatically generates a match summary, key moments from the match , a detailed stats card of the match and also creates digital player profiles of the athletes and updates their data after every match. The SportVot app also maintains a player card for athletes to keep track of all of their records and generates top moments featuring the athlete from every match so that the athlete can revisit the match and improve their game.

The SportVot player profiling and data analysis solution is going to be a game changer in the domestic circuit as this technology can also help clubs to explore and scout emerging talent, thus, simplifying their job and creating more opportunities for the athletes. The fact that this entire data is digitized breaks the geographical barriers a sports organization or an athlete faces. Anyone around the globe can now explore emerging talent, even from the remotest parts of the world, via SportVot player profiles.

SportVot was built with a vision to revolutionize grassroots sports in India and empower the gen-next athlete. Bringing and pushing a data-driven approach to sports and developing a technology that allows it to nurture it is an important step in that direction!

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