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Branding and Advertising via Sports : The Next Big Trend

We’ve all been left spellbound by the experience of watching our favorite team play live in a stadium. The surrounding atmosphere is surreal and a special moment for each fan. But have you noticed the brand placements in and around the stadium? To concise, we are all potential clients to the brands we witness during the games and at the venue. However, the ever-evolving technological world we are living in has introduced various means to make our lives simpler and effective. Digitalization of sports is one such fine example of the paradigm shift that every industry is going through. We are constantly fed with advertisements that catch our attention whenever we watch any game online on any website or OTT platform. Sports has been an important sector for brand marketing in recent years.

In most elite sports leagues around the globe, a large sum of money is spent on highlighting a product or just carrying the brand name for the brand popularity amongst the fans. In some cases, they create an entire brand campaign around the success of a sports team. For instance, when the Indian Cricket Team won the ICC World Cup after 28 years in 2011, brands like Nike and Pepsi gained momentum by launching the “Change the Game” and “Bleed Blue” campaigns, which all Indians are familiar with. These brands capitalized upon the expression of the passion of the game.

Sports marketing has been extremely lucrative for brands for more than three decades now but it has really started penetrating at the community level in the past 2-3 years as brands have started to feel the need to get a better and more direct access to the community.Now, sports marketing isn’t limited to only the elite leagues and athletes, but various local and global brands are looking for budding talents to advertise their brands, reach out to the community at the grassroots level, gain more loyal consumers and have more reach. Advertising or sponsoring at the local levels gets the fans to notice the brand and help garner new and potential consumer base. Associating with a league or a sports team at this tier affirms the brand's position in the minds of the people while giving it a direct access to the masses to take their products or even to understand and shape the on-ground perception of the brand.

This is where SportVot is helping out brands to make the most out of their marketing campaigns. SportVot offers 360 degree marketing and advertising strategy with a direct access via on-ground presence and digital reach of over 75 Mn+ people. From digital advertising options via live streaming and social promotions to on-ground branding and jersey and kit branding, SportVot becomes a one-stop solution for sports marketing. SportVot helps brands reach their target audience and communicate the brand message in various effective ways. SportVot has associated with 17+ brands and has helped them accelerate their marketing campaigns, while empowering and popularizing the grassroots sports ecosystem.

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