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Affordable & Accessible Technology for Sports Streaming

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Technology is the leading reason for innovation as well as making affordable products such as mobile phones & computers. With constant innovation and development occurring, there seems to be a better product at a cheaper rate in the market within a year. This does not mean that the quality is the same or better but the addition of this into the market may drive the prices even lower as consumers take the last product as the benchmark. Thus it’s a challenge to be priced well and provide a good quality product. The Global sports media revenue is estimated to hit $51.6 billion by 2022 according to a Sports Media Report, predominantly led by linear TV. Although linear TV is leading the media rights aspect, its influence is decreasing as consumer behaviour changes have led to more time spent online, video consumption, multiple subscription sign-ups, further internet penetration and a sheer move to the online sphere. Currently with the influx of OTTs from the entertainment, news and sports stakeholders, the total OTT market is expected to reach $85 billion by 2024 adding further to the total addressable market of the sports media valuation. India will be the tenth-largest market for OTT in terms of revenue in 2022, with mobile internet subscribers set to double from 406 mn in 2017 to 805 mn in 2022. Amongst all the numbers churned out, grassroots sports seems to not have evolved in terms of having affordable streaming solutions. Around 99% of these sports are not streamed or recorded. Specifically coming to India, where only a few selected sports receive the limelight, there seems to be a fragmented talent pathway. Sports Broadcasting is expensive with all the equipment and manpower needed. This inherently would turn away sporting bodies who want to give equal coverage to all their games, but struggle due to limited access to cost-efficient tools. Therefore, what is the solution? The solution lies where technology can create a tool that is affordable and accessible. And if it matches the quality of a live television broadcast, the value of each game will be skyrocketing. This is where SportVot enters the market. The cloud solution developed by SportVot is feasible, easy to use, provides scoring features and TV graphics quality outlay within the stream. Importantly, the client will have an option to stream by themselves (DIY Model) which further reduces costs and gives complete control to the ones handling it with added support from the SportVot team.

SportVot uses technology to bridge the gap between talent and exposure. Therefore the key focus is to provide talent at an affordable price point. The starting point for SportVot services is as low as 2.5$/hour and we would be happy to discuss this further as per the evolving needs. Let not the cost of streaming cost someone’s potential career in sports.

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