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A platform for Youth Sports: Discovering emerging talent via sports digitization

Sports today is one of the most important fields in which India as a nation is striving hard to create a mark in the world. Be it at the Olympics, the commonwealth games, the world cup or any other international tournament. But there is a saying that one cannot build a great building without a strong foundation. This stands true in every field and sports is no exception.

India is a country with a huge population and the majority of its population is below the age of 25. Every year millions of young kids take up sports at the school or college level as a hobby and then aspire to become the sports stars of tomorrow. However, somehow we haven’t been able to capitalize on this huge pool of talent available in the country. It is important to encourage sports activities and the emerging sports talent at this level, may it be at schools, colleges or local clubs. It is here that we can discover the future champions. India’s journey towards becoming a sporting powerhouse cannot be complete without paying attention to the state of sports at the grassroots level. The journey of any athlete begins in his/her school or at the primary level. At this level, it is their mere interest in the sport that attracts them into participating. The athlete then progresses to participation in sports at the zonal and district level. It is here that the true potential of the athlete is unleashed and challenged. Currently, the majority of the athletes stop playing sports after this level and a crucial reason for this is the lack of facilities. If we are successful in providing necessary infrastructure and financial backing at this level, the number of people pursuing professional sports will increase drastically. An athlete playing at this level has some basic expectations. They expect their efforts to be acknowledged in the form of opportunities as well as rewards and recognition. Athletes playing at this level yearn to display their talent to the world and thus are always on the lookout for newer platforms that can help them take the next step in sports.

This is where SportVot comes into the picture. Bringing the emerging sports talent of India from the local, grassroots level to the world, giving them a platform to shine on and create an identity for themselves to accelerate their sports career. SportVot has been incessantly working towards developing affordable technologies that bring this untapped sports community under the limelight. With the use of technology, we have been able to digitise some of the most peculiar sports events from various nooks and corners of India. We now look forward to getting more and more aspiring sports talent on the path of development and help India take a step forward towards the ultimate goal of creating a mark at the International level and contribute to the holistic development of India as a nation.

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